Chris Whitty

Site and Restoration Manager

Site and Restoration Manager Chris Whitty has been part of the Arts Centre for about 30 years. He enjoys the diversity of his role, which is constantly evolving.

“My job has rolled into many different challenges over the years and the restoration project is the biggest and most exciting challenge yet,” he says.

“We had previously done a lot of earthquake strengthening on a limited budget, but now we have some money to make some progress. It’s great working with a team of such diverse people to achieve this. To have an empty site to work with while putting the old features back in and developing it so it’s safer, is brilliant. Although, I do really miss the tenants!”

He says while the new Arts Centre will keep the heritage, it will have upgraded modern services.

“To have the site re-open to the public and be fully utilised, is really exciting. It will be state of the art and there will be something of interest there for everyone, of all ages. If you loved it before, you will love it even more now.”