Erin Victoria Jackson

Deputy Chair

erinFirmly dedicated to “the new Christchurch,” Erin Victoria Jackson made a conscious decision following the earthquakes to remain in the city and contribute to its exciting future.

A UC graduate (LLB/BA), Erin was President of the University of Canterbury Students’ Association for two years and now holds five board positions and is a member of the Institute of Directors and Rotary Christchurch. She also runs her own campaign management agency, Narrative.

Erin sits on a number of charitable and not-for-profit trusts, including the Committee for Canterbury, the Student Volunteer Army Foundation and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Board. She has also founded the Connection Collective – a grassroots initiative aimed at supporting career options for Canterbury high school students.

Authenticity and continuous development are two must-haves for those thinking of taking on governance roles, she says.

“My philosophy is to give as much as possible, including taking on voluntary work. It’s all about gaining experience and – above all – being authentic.

“Given the liability and commitment you take on as a trustee or director, you have to be genuinely engaged.

“For those people considering what path they should take I challenge them to answer this question: what’s the problem you want to solve?”

She loves governance roles because they give you the ability to set the direction and strategy for an organisation, plus enable you to tap into existing frameworks to create positive change, she says.

“I’m also very interested in increasing the diversity of boards because diversity enhances decision-making. Organisations that I respect have boards that are diverse in gender, ethnicity and age.”