Did you know that the Arts Centre belongs to you. It is your Arts Centre.

The guardian of this stunning and unique cultural site is a not-for-profit, independent charitable trust that relies on your donations and sponsorship to continue its restoration and maintenance.

There is a lot more work to be done and your help is needed to complete it. The Arts Centre restoration is only half-way through and there are huge and expensive challenges ahead.

You can show your support in 2018 by making a gift and helping to ensure that this outstanding project is completed by 2021, safeguarding it for future generations to enjoy.

Join us. Be recognised as someone who cares enough to give. Don’t let all of the good work and progress slow down in 2018. Help us and show your support by choosing one of these easy ways to participate:

  • Make a donation now via credit or debit card! It is safe and easy, and you will receive a tax receipt.
  • Join the Cornerstone programme – our special group of supporters who have
    given major gifts towards the restoration. Show your commitment to the future of arts and culture in Christchurch and you will be recognised on a prominent display board plus receive other special benefits.
  • Leave a gift to the Arts Centre in your will, ensuring the Arts Centre will continue to be a special place in the future for your friends and relatives. By notifying us in advance, we can thank you and recognise you now for your generous gift.
  • Sponsor a part of the restoration, be it a Welsh slate for $50 or a new stone archway for $100,000. Every bit helps and you will be recognised and appreciated for your sponsorship.
  • Become a regular, monthly donor which helps maintain our restoration cash flow, or make a one-off donation to the restoration via our website or by mailing a cheque. Your donation is tax deductable and you will be immediately thanked.
  • Become a corporate sponsor of a specific event, item or activity at the Arts Centre in return for a number of special benefits.
  • Other ways to help: