COMNAP Antarctic photo exhibition

21 September – 27 October 2018 - Market Square and Boys' High

To celebrate the start of the Antarctic season, a photography exhibition by the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) brings together stunning images from an on-continent photo competition. These photos showcase the facilities (known as stations or bases from Argentina to Uruguay) within the 30 members of Antarctica. The exhibition is displayed on 30 big outdoor photo panels in front of the Boys’ High building and Market Square on Worcester Boulevard.

An Antarctic trail

Explore our Antarctic connections in Christchurch’s West End on the Antarctic trail  – find Captain Scott in the Arts Centre, an Antarctic night sky at the Art Gallery or the treasures of the Botanic Gardens and Canterbury Museum. Surprise yourself with what you learn and be in to win spot prizes from the Christchurch i-SITE Visitor and Information Centre via #explore. Suitable for everyone. Pick up your copy from the i-SITE at 28 Worcester Blvd, Christchurch.

About the Antarctic

There are over 120 facilities in the Antarctic including year-round research stations, camps, laboratories, airfield facilities and depots related to operations.

The majority of stations have been built at various locations around the 17,968 kilometre long coast of the continent simply due to the primary access being from the sea. Many are concentrated in the Antarctic Peninsular which is the most accessible region from Argentina and Chile in South America. Around the coasts, temperatures are generally close to freezing in the summer (December to February) months. During winter, monthly mean temperatures at coastal stations are between −10°C and −30°C. but temperatures may briefly rise towards freezing when winter storms bring warm air towards the Antarctic coast.

Conditions on the interior plateau are much colder due to its higher elevation and latitude, and greater distance from the ocean. Here, summer temperatures struggle to get above −20°C and monthly mean temperatures fall below −60°C in winter. Vostok Station, a high plateau research station, holds the record for the lowest ever temperature recorded at the surface of the Earth (−89.2°C). In August 2010, a NASA satellite recorded an Antarctic temperature of −94.7°C (−135.8°F).

The inland or interior facilities require significant logistics support to build, access, maintain and supply. Several like the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station are manned year round facilities.

COMNAP members are responsible for staffing, maintaining and running the over 120 facilities in the Antarctic.  These include year-round research stations, camps, laboratories, airfield facilities and depots related to operations. They also utilise, on average, 30 vessels, including icebreakers each summer season to support their science and logistics.

Dates: Friday 21 September to Saturday 27 October 2018

Times: 10.00am to 5.00pm

Venue: Market Square and Boys’ High building, the Arts Centre, 2 Worcester Boulevard.


Driving & Parking

The Arts Centre has a limited number of 10 and 60 minute visitor carparks located at Market Square near the corner of Worcester Boulevard and Montreal Street.

Plenty of on-street metered parking is available near the Arts Centre, along with a number of off-street carparks.