‘Shepherd’ indie film screening

27 November 2019 - West Lecture

Shepherd is an independent science fiction film from Kiwi director Julia Reynolds.

The Green family, during the voyage home to Earth from Mars Moon Base Phobos, encounter a phenomenon when the entire star system fades from view leaving them without navigation. A lone light appears to one side of the shuttle. Thirteen-year-old Eden Green, grieving for her recently dead brother, believes this light will lead them home.

Years later, and haunted by guilt of the past and visions of her brother, Eden stumbles on an old travel brochure. She is stunned to see an image of a beach – a location she has seen in a recurring dream. Believing her brother is leading her to this beach, she leaves her life and ventures out to find this beach. The journey through the bush is fraught with isolation and self-doubt. Eden returns to her past, her memories and finally trusts what she has always been given – the guide.

She finally discovers her dreamed destination. One of impossible possibilities.

The film project

The project was developed with community involvement in mind. Along the way it has utilised a number of first timers as extras. Shepherd called on friends, family, colleagues; any and all community and industry networks that the production team could muster. Alongside the project, Julia Reynolds’ doctoral thesis was based around the film, examining the relationship between a community based approach to filmmaking and industry based model.

The film itself is quietly optimistic. Julia goes on to say that Eden’s journey isn’t inspired by a drive to discover but more a reluctance to give up.

“It’s an anti-journey in a way, more a question of what would happen if I don’t follow this path.”

Date: Wednesday 27 November 2019

Time: 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Venue: Lumière Cinemas, West Lecture building, 26 Rolleston Avenue

From $12

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