Boys’ High (1881)

Located at 28 Worcester Boulevard, the exterior looks the same as it did pre-earthquakes but, once inside, a lot of its new strengthening is visible. Most noticeable are horizontal steel frames at ceiling height, although plenty of other strengthening techniques have been cleverly hidden beneath heritage features.

The restoration has revealed many historic treasures that had been hidden over the years, including a stained glass window that overlooks the foyer’s grand staircase.

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History and heritage

The Gothic Revival-inspired Christchurch Boys’ High School building was designed by architect William Armson and completed in 1881.

The main function of Christchurch Boys’ High School was to increase the number of students qualified to enter Canterbury College. By 1897, Boys’ High was New Zealand’s largest secondary school and by 1913 the building was expanded for a fourth time. The school roll continued to grow, requiring the school to relocate in 1926 to its present day location in Riccarton. Find out more about the history of Boys’ High.

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