Chemistry (1910)

Student life has returned to the Arts Centre in Christchurch’s central city.

The University of Canterbury’s Music and Classics programmes, along with the James Logie Memorial Collection of Classical Antiquities have relocated to the Chemistry building, adjacent to the South Quad.

The building has been fully restored, custom-designed for UC College of Arts music and classics students. The building’s redesign also includes a new exhibition space – the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities – where the Logie Collection is now on permanent public display. Visit the current exhibition, open to the public Wednesday to Sundays 11am-3pm.

In line with the Arts Centre’s philosophy of making the site accessible to all, a new lift enables universal access. The opportunity to install state-of-the-art infrastructure has been maximised in the restoration, with the building featuring the latest in data, lighting and heating.

The restored building retains some of the existing historic walls, while other floor areas have been opened up to enable flexibility of use.

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See the image gallery showing restoration of Chemistry.

History and Heritage

The College’s Chemistry building, opened in 1910, was designed by College architects Collins and Harman. The building was created with an emphasis on providing large, well-lit and accessible interior spaces.


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