Classics (1888)

The Classics building provides a link to the Great Hall’s magnificent turret, plus features an enclosed balcony thatoverlooks the North Quad.

Restoration highlights

• Features one of two working fireplaces on the site.
• Former architects’ Boardroom converted into office space with own kitchenette.
• Enclosed Arcades balcony featuring 2m-wide triple slider window for uninterrupted views over North Quad.
• New toilet facilities and AV equipment for the Great Hall.
• New Welsh slate and lead on roof.
• Historic brickwork completely restored.
• Earthquake strengthening hidden beneath heritage features.

Heritage & History

Foundations for the Classics building were laid in 1881 but it was not actually built until 1888.

At first the front of the building was obscured by a large tin shed. Its architecture became integrated with the site in 1916 when the shed was removed, and arcades and a balcony were added.

As the university expanded, offices filled part of the balcony and the space eventually became fully enclosed studio space.

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