Plantroom (2017)

The only new build onsite, this largely underground, centralised plant room and workshop is on track to be completed in early 2017.

Property staff smoko room in the new plant room.

While it won’t be physically complete, a number of building services located in the building will be operational earlier to provide heat, power and data to restored buildings.

It is here that water drawn from artesian wells will be circulated around the entire site to provide central heating. The water is then returned to where it came from – making this new heating system both sustainable and renewable. The building is the central control hub for the site’s electricity, data as well as essential services.

In order to blend  as much as possible with the surrounding historic buildings, the workshop has been constructed over two levels – a basement and ground floor.

Plantroom’s basement features

  • Stonemasons’ workshop and storage areas
  • Main electrical switchboard room for the entire site
  • Centralised plant rooms accommodating the site’s mechanical and fire services infrastructure

Ground floor features

  • The Arts Centre’s property team offices
  • Data communications room for the entire site
  • Centralised refuse area
  • Orion substation enclosure
  • Loading bays

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