Site Plan

The Arts Centre Masterplan clusters complementary activities, creating a community environment that is vibrant and active for long periods of day and night. Click on buildings in the map below to see which buildings are vacant, their proposed end-use and details.

Registry Student Union The Gym Engineering Common Room Library Physics, Biology and Observatory Chemistry School Of Art West Lecture Classics Rutherfords Den Clock Tower Boys' High Plantroom Great Hall


  • Net Lettable Area: 20 to 130 m²
  • Number of tenancies: LEASED
  • Use of premises: Commercial and food

The Registry building has been fully restored and leased.

Spaces facing onto Market Square are dedicated to artisan food providers, while the rest of the building houses arts organisations and commercial tenants.

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Boys’ High

  • Net Lettable Area: 20 to 130 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 10 to 20
  • Use of premises: Boutique Retail

Tenants with a specialty retail focus are being sought for Boys’ High, for example a café, and creative industries such as fashion, locally produced products, food and galleries.

Three tenants have already been confirmed: Christchurch i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, Min Kim Fine Art and The Fudge Cottage.

Standing at the gateway to the Arts Centre on Worcester Boulevard, and adjacent to Market Square, this two-level building offers a broad variety of retail tenancy options.

Read more about the leasing opportunities.

Read more about the Boys’ High building.

Student Union

  • Net Lettable Area: 1,150 m²
  • Number of tenancies: Unknown
  • Use of premises: Hospitality

The Student Union was one of the most severely damaged buildings on the site, with the February 2011 earthquake severely compromising its structural strength.

Design concepts for the building are currently under discussion by the Arts Centre team, Board of Trustees and external contractors.

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The Gym

  • Net Lettable Area: 255 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 1
  • Use of premises: Hospitality

Fully restored and leased, this beautiful building is complemented by a modern, soaring glass canopy.

Experimental theatre is the focus of the tenant Free Theatre, that also hires out the space for private events.

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  • Net Lettable Area: 2,025 m²
  • Number of tenancies: Unknown
  • Use of premises: Exhibitions, performance spaces, conference facilities, indoor market, offices, studios.

Engineering’s expansive rooms will house the likes of galleries, performance and exhibition spaces, conference and meeting rooms, studios and offices.

A date is not yet confirmed for its completed restoration but most of the structural strengthening design is complete and architectural designs are underway.

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Rutherford’s Den

  • Net Lettable Area: 200 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 1
  • Use of premises: Interactive science museum.

Scientific discovery and hands-on experimentation take centre stage at the state-of-the-art Rutherford’s Den exhibit.

Located adjacent to the North Quad, Great Hall and Bunsen cafe, Rutherford’s Den re-opened in August 2016 following a dramatic restoration.

Find out more about this building and its restoration.

Clock Tower

  • Net Lettable Area: Ground: 190m² plus terrace; First Floor: 170 m²
  • Number of tenancies: Ground: 1; First Floor: 2 to 3
  • Use of premises: Hospitality, offices.

Situated between the bustling new office precinct and Botanic Gardens, the Clock Tower has been restored with hospitality in mind.

While it looks similar to how it did pre-earthquakes, it now features state-of-the-art services and infrastructure. This means the 19th Century building has 21st Century standards of accommodation, without compromising its beautiful heritage features.

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Offices are located upstairs, while downstairs is home to

Great Hall

  • Net Lettable Area: 300 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 1
  • Use of premises: Available for hire.

Now open to the community and available for hire, the Great Hall has been extensively strengthened, repaired and restored, although most of this work is intentionally hidden beneath its beautiful heritage fabric.


  • Net Lettable Area: 120 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 1
  • Use of premises: Venue for hire.

Classics is nestled between the Great Hall and West Lecture and features beautiful indoor spaces.

It will become available for lease or for hire as an event space from 2017.

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West Lecture

  • Net Lettable Area: 645 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 5
  • Use of premises: Boutique Cinema, and artist-, writer-, or scientist-in-residence studio apartments.

The ground floor of West Lecture will welcome the return of boutique cinema to the Arts Centre, while upstairs there will be four apartments for artists-, writers- and scientists-in-residence.

Restoration is well underway on and it is due for completion in 2018.

Read more about West Lecture.

School of Art

  • Net Lettable Area: Ground Hire: 30 to 140m²; Ground: 200m² plus terrace; First Floor: 80 to 400 m²
  • Number of tenancies: Ground: Arts Centre +1; First floor: 1
  • Use of premises: Ground floor: hospitality; first floor: co-working offices.

The School of Art’s first floor will be filled with a creative industries co-working hub, while the ground floor will host hospitality, venues and community event spaces.

Architectural design is underway for this building that avoided major damage in the earthquakes thanks to earlier earthquake strengthening.

Read more about the School of Art.


  • Net Lettable Area: 1330 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 1
  • Use of premises: University of Canterbury Classics and Music departments.

The new, modern layout of this building has been perfectly tailored for students and teachers of the University of Canterbury music and classics departments.

Overlooking the picturesque South Quad, the Chemistry building has been fully restored, with its fit-out custom-designed for the University of Canterbury, including such features as sound-proofed practise rooms.

Read more about the Chemistry building.

Physics, Biology and Observatory

  • Net Lettable Area: 1,500 m²
  • Number of tenancies: Up to two
  • Use of premises: Observatory, education, boutique accommodation and studios.

Boutique accommodation, studio spaces, and workshops are potential uses being explored  for these buildings.

These will sit alongside the fully restored observatory.

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  • Net Lettable Area:
  • Number of tenancies: 1
  • Use of premises: Arts Centre property team.

The only new build onsite, this largely underground, centralised plant room and workshop is on track to be completed in early 2017.

While it won’t be physically complete, a number of building services located in the building will be operational earlier to provide heat, power and data to restored buildings.

Read more about the Plantroom.

Common Room

  • Net Lettable Area: 160 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 1
  • Use of premises: Theatre Company

The two-storey Common Room has been restored to its original open plan design and is being used for arts and education.

Read more about the Common Room.



  • Net Lettable Area: 200 m²
  • Number of tenancies: 1
  • Use of premises: Art Gallery

The Library building has been fully restored and leased, and is open to the public as an art gallery.

Located near the centre of the Arts Centre site, its open plan space and natural lighting is perfect for exhibitions.

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