A double-scoop serving of sketchy fun

19 August 2018

It’s a life drawing class, but not as we know it.

Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in Christchurch is a fun, engaging and celebratory take on a traditional art class. It combines life drawing, burlesque and a tasty tipple to make some of the most quirky, creative, sassy and silly events in town.

And the school is bringing a special event – Winter Thaw and Draw – to the Arts Centre’s Midwinter Carnival on 24 and 25 August, 2018.

Sketchy classes are art classes like no other and at the carnival there will be “a double-scoop serving of R18 sketchy fun” with a class each night.

Tawdry Trainwreck, Rosie Reckless and Mythical Haze are the creative geniuses behind Christchurch’s Dr Sketchy’s branch.

Their events are about making art engaging and fun and celebrating diversity and creativity of models.

“We encourage everyone to channel their inner artist – whether stick figures, charcoal or abstract impressions are your approach,” says Tawdry.

The trio take their inspiration for each of their events – which take place roughly every six weeks at Space Academy and as pop-ups from time to time – from “everywhere”, she says.

“Sometimes it’s a particular performer, routine or costume that sparks us off. Sometimes it’s a period of history, a niche subject, pop culture reference or a mash up of them all.

“It’s a playful, collaborative process where we often bounce ideas back and forth while building them up.”

The school is a passion project for the trio, but Tawdry says it’s grown to be an important part of their lives and has led to bigger events, burlesque competition judging and more.

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