Ephemeral washi tape to Matariki masterpiece

19 June 2018

Veronica Herber

The Arts Centre of Christchurch will celebrate Matariki in 2018 with a month long celebration of New Zealand arts and culture. Artist Veronica Herber will mark the start of this celebration with the installation of a temporary art installation that will span sections of the Arts Centre site.

Herber is a tape artist who has unrolled, stretched, woven, stuck and stapled a huge variety of coloured and textured tape for a range of installations and works featured in galleries and sculpture exhibitions around the world.

Herber started using tape as a medium while studying contemporary art at AUT and she now uses it for both permanent, smaller works and her larger temporary installations.

“Tape is amazing to work with. It creates immediate colour, it’s versatile and forgiving – it can adapt instantly to any surface. The larger outdoor works are also fleeting. The colour of the tape fades and the tape stretches, and weather plays a huge part in ensuring these installations don’t last forever. Generally, they will last for about three weeks,” said Veronica.

In addition to exhibitions on Waiheke Island, in Cuba and Mexico, Herber has also exhibited at Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea – the world’s largest temporary sculpture exhibition. Her installation in a 600-year-old courtyard in Puebla, Mexico included nearly 4,000 pieces of yellow tape fixed in a lace-like pattern.

Work on the Arts Centre installation will start on Wednesday 20 June and is expected to take several days to complete.

While the Arts Centre installation will be a temporary feature due to the short-term durability of the tape, a solo exhibition of Herber’s more permanent work can be viewed at The Central Art Gallery in the Library building in the North Quadrangle at the Arts Centre.

Time+Grid+Now showcases the intricate detail created by hand tearing washi tape and then layering it to form a grid-like pattern on paper. It opens at 5.30pm on Thursday 21 June.

Other events and activities at the Arts Centre for Matariki 2018 include: Night Markets, July 6 and 7, 4-10pm; Rekindle Resourcefulness workshops – basket weaving, string making, spoon carving, and Harakeke weaving; art installations; performances; concerts; and free weekly story time in the Boys’ High Building; an evening with Bronwyn Hayward: Sea Change – Climate politics in New Zealand; and Celestial Strings featuring cellist Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick. Click here to view the full range of Arts Centre Matariki events.

For more information contact:

Olivia Egerton
Programmes and partnerships manager
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