Roll up, roll up – the circus is coming to town!

13 August 2018

Juggling, trapezing, stilt walking, unicycling and aerial silking is all in a day’s work for Chris Carrow and Lisa Wingfield.

The professional clowns and directors of the Christchurch Circus Trust are rolling up to the Arts Centre’s Midwinter Carnival with their clown show and circo arts students to spellbind the crowds on 24 and 25 August 2018.

The duo – whose clown names are Carrot and Pickle – have been teaching community and social circus arts and performing as the Christchurch Circus Centre for about 12 years.

Focusing mainly on youth, the New Brighton centre provides classes for about 120 children and young people, and adults each week. They have a troupe of senior students who perform at least twice a year (they have “Spooked”, a special Halloween show, coming up in October!) and host public open days for anyone and everyone to have a go.

Chris and Lisa say circus is a fun and exciting art form – and a great way of growing self-esteem and community through learning new skills and working with others.

“Climbing up trapezes, walking on stilts, juggling lots of different objects and doing acrobatics can be challenging and difficult, but with dedication and support our students become stronger, more flexible and more coordinated,” says Chris.

“As they become more confident they see their potential. They are learning something amazing and really enjoying the journey too. Who knows, maybe they could even get to be in Cirque Du Soleil!”

As Carrot and Pickle, Chris and Lisa are two of Christchurch’s favourite clowns. They’ve been professionally clowning around for more than 30 years, performing at countless events all over New Zealand.

Find out more information about the Midwinter Carnival here.