Slayer and Antiques Roadshow’s ‘baby’ to delight

9 October 2018

From studying interior design to working in fashion retail, from training as a builder to making and selling art – Rob Kay has done it all.

And the Christchurch man behind the art brand Shit’s About to Get Dainty (SATGD) is joining 40 other stallholders at the Monster Spring Clean Market at the Arts Centre, Te Matatiki Toi Ora, on Saturday (13 October).

Rob, an illustrator, says his move into art came after years of doodling in work books.

“I have stacks of these workbooks that just sit around doing nothing and one day my partner said ‘Why don’t you try putting some of them on plates?’.” And so SATGD was born with canvasses ranging from ceramics, wood and t-shirts to old paintings, cards and paper.

Describing his brand, Rob says it’s “what would happen if the band Slayer and Antiques Roadshow had a baby”.

His creative genius comes to the world from a shed on his property and without any particular inspiration.

“It involves a trip to my wee shed, some beer, a bit of music, air guitar and sketching.

“That’s how my creepy characters come about. I draw and that’s what it is. It works for me.”

By day, Rob is a builder. He completed his training after returning to Christchurch from Melbourne, aged 36, after the February 2011 earthquake. This followed earlier studies in interior design.

In Melbourne, where he lived for more than a decade, he managed a surf, skate and street-wear store. But he’d had enough of that, so made the move home.

The father of two lives with his partner Jane, daughter Frances and son Odin, and cites his loves as graffiti, street art, heavy metal music and Star Wars.

He says he has two SATGD highlights: “That people like my stuff and getting a couple of write-ups in papers, which made my mum proud!”

The Monster Spring Clean Out – from 9am to 2pm on Saturday – is the result of all the Arts Centre’s wonderful stallholders having a spring clean of all the projects that have been lurking in their jam-packed studios. Expect to find one-off gems, spectacular specials, craft supplies, end-of-line items, discounted seconds and vintage treasures.