Sponsor a replacement set of Oamaru stone carved chimney stacks



Sponsor the replacement of a set of massive stone chimney stacks as part of the huge restoration project at the Arts Centre – then come and visit it the next time you are in town. As part of the restoration after the earthquake of February 22 2011, several heritage features are being replaced or restored to their former glory. The massive chimney stacks had been removed for safety after the Napier earthquakes in 1931, deprecating the original magnificent roof-lines of several of the major buildings onsite.

The current restoration has given us the opportunity to safely add these features back to their original place, and the opportunity for you to get involved in this! We would dedicate a new chimney stack specifically to your donation, enabling you to point it out to friends and family when you visit.

The new chimney stack could represent a unique gift for someone special. We would also offer you a carved piece of stone to honour your donation. You can also opt to receive a free Arts Centre card, imprinted with the details of the sponsorship on the inside left side for you to send to them.

Your sponsorship will be classed as a charitable donation and a tax receipt will be provided.  Please note if paying via credit card that we only accept Visa and MasterCard.

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