Sponsor a specialist tool for carving Oamaru stone



The team of specialist stone masons use a variety of tools to carve the Oamaru stone onsite. You might be surprised to see their tool boxes – these traditional tools haven’t changed for centuries, and come from France.

With the Arts Centre using over 200,000 kg of stone in the last year, these tools get heavily used and need replacing often.

Sponsor a new tool for one of the stonemasons at the Arts Centre and your donation will be put to good use by a steady pair of hands. Don’t buy Dad yet another pair of socks, sponsor a tool in his name! You can opt to receive a free Arts Centre card, imprinted with the details of the sponsorship on the inside left side for you to send to them.
Your sponsorship will be classed as a charitable donation and a tax receipt will be provided.  Please note if paying via credit card that we only accept Visa and MasterCard.

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