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First floor, Boys’ High, Worcester Boulevard

Rekindle is a social enterprise that creates opportunities for resourcefulness.

It focuses on transforming undervalued resources through care, connection and craft; this being the opposite of wastefulness. Being resourceful is both good for us and good for the Earth upon whose finite resources we depend.

Resourcefulness requires us to utilise and value our inner resources and our ability to access to what we need for lives we value. Being truly resourceful connects us within communities as we share the resources we have.

Since the beginning of Rekindle in 2011 in Auckland, then Christchurch, the enterprise has run various different projects that have been inherently focused on resourcefulness; some small, some as big as a whole house.

Rekindle runs a rich and varied programmed of resourceful skills workshops from its space in the Boys’ High building at The Arts Centre te Matatiki Toi Ora. It is continually adding new classes and crafts and include string making, spoon carving, soap making and eco-book making.

For a summary of the kaupapa of the organisation’s work, watch this TEDx talk by Rekindle’s founder Juliet Arnott:

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First floor, Boys’ High,
Worcester Boulevard

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