Frances Nation

Frances Nation is a small shop specialising in New Zealand-made homewares and gifts of quality craftsmanship, authenticity and longevity.

Natural materials, timeless design and traditional techniques are a focus, with the store stocked full of useful products from around the country that are made to the highest level of craftsmanship.

Customers can enjoy beautiful views of Worcester Boulevard while shopping for goods, including beeswax candles, ceramic dining ware, natural soaps and skincare, homewares, glassware, leather bags and wallets and cloth bound stationery.

Named after the owner’s grandmother, Frances Nation is a nod to the local family-run general store and to a generation that made things well and made them to last.

In search of the best, owner Tessa Peach has scoured New Zealand, personally meeting the artisans and manufacturers behind each product.

“I’m excited about the stories and people behind this shop,” she says.

“There are some extremely talented crafts people and manufacturers in New Zealand and it’s exciting to showcase them all in one space.”

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