Friday Creative

Brand developers Friday Creative make businesses look good, feel right and do well. And they’re now upstairs at the Arts Centre.

Friday Creative specialise in the strategy, design and creative that gives a business its brand identity, look and story, and sets it on the path of success. They work with start-ups and seasoned businesses, helping them shape “cracking brand personalities”, position themselves in the market, and connect with their audiences.

The Fridays are Craig Brown and Katy Clook, creative directors whose respective backgrounds as designer and copywriter in the design and advertising industry make them the perfect team for what they call the perfect job.

“We get to bring brands to life and watch businesses fly. What’s not to love,” says Craig.

They’re also married to each other.

They say that The Arts Centre is the perfect fit for their own brand. “It’s a vibrant, inspiring environment and we feel stoked and privileged to have our studio here,” says Craig.

So why call themselves Friday? “It’s the best day of the working week,” says Katy. “Friday gives you the warm and fuzzies.”



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