Our Vision

Our goal of becoming a hub of creative entrepreneurs is coming to life.

As the Arts Centre site comes back to life, our goal is to create a hub of creative entrepreneurs in central Christchurch that is undeniably 21st Century: capacity-building, content-rich and digitally enabled.

With more than half the Arts Centre site now re-opened to the public, the future vision for the site is becoming a reality. Watch this video to find out more.

There are three pillars to the Arts Centre vision:

1. Kaitiakitanga – guardianship

  • Hold and develop the Arts Centre as a unique and outstanding cultural centre
  • promote, conserve and maintain the heritage integrity of the Arts Centre.

2. Whangai – nourish and foster

  • Foster, promote and facilitate interest and involvement in art, culture, creativity, the creative industries, and education.

3. He Tangata – for everyone

  • Engage in an open way with the community and be inclusive and connected

Repopulation of the Arts Centre

As the Arts Centre becomes increasingly repopulated, complementary activities will be clustered.

Food Hub

  • Centred around Market Square, our food hub amplifies the quality of on-site food and beverage offerings.
  • The focus is on passionate artisans.


  • We offer an increasing range of exhibition and hire spaces.
  • Future plans include two boutique cinemas, theatre and performance spaces, and more hospitality venues.
  • All have been designed to create a rich visitor experience.

Work Hub

  • with a focus on access to workshop space, rehearsal space, co-working spaces and equipment for creative practitioners and students.

Retail Hub

  • focuses on specialty shopping experiences related to the arts, culture and education.

Community engagement

• We will encourage community engagement through an art-house cinema and exhibition spaces, as well as boutique accommodation and hospitality venues.
• We will facilitate interaction with the site through studio space, performance space and a co-working hub, and secondly by hiring out spaces.
• We will educate through children’s activities, education and outreach. This will be supported by leadership retreats.

Anchor Uses

Anchor Uses contribute to the promotion and development of the arts, culture and education in Christchurch and Canterbury – the original objectives of the Arts Centre, set out in our Trust Deed.

These include:

  • Creative Industries Co-working Hub: a hub for arts, creative industries and business, with informal spaces, open collaboration spaces, leaseable office spaces and shared facilities.
  • Dedicated Studio Spaces: affordable, open-access spaces to encourage artistic endeavours.
  • Exhibition Spaces: used to showcase works produced at the Arts Centre, as well as works by
    other artists of local, national or international interest.
  • Public Spaces
  • Market Square
  • Education and Outreach: including Rutherford’s Den outreach programmes
  • Children’s Activities
  • Art House Cinema
  • Performance Spaces

Complementary Uses

Complementary uses support activities that are accessible to a diverse range of people and are financially viable in their own right:

  • Christchurch i-SITE Visitor Information Centre
  • Hire spaces
  • Leadership and Education Retreats
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Boutique Accommodation