Maxine Burney Art Studio/Gallery

Days / Hours: Open 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Other times by appointment.

First floor, Boys’ High, Worcester Boulevard

Welcome to Maxine Burney Art Studio/Gallery

Maxine Burney creates original, eclectic paintings from her light-filled, iconic Art Centre studio. Renowned for her versatility, she effortlessly moves between diverse genres—from evocative landscapes and pure abstractions to symbolic interpretations of life, dreams, travel, and nature. Maxine also offers art cards, bookmarks, reproductions (photo or archival giclées), and unique gifts.

If you have a specific idea, Maxine is eager to collaborate with you to bring it to life. She can also personalize existing works to make them uniquely yours.

Maxine's studio is a vibrant hub for other creatives as well. Shes hosts a monthly rotating exhibition, often featuring local artists who create on-site. Notably, local photographer Dave Shepherd showcases his captivating NZ nature photography, highlighting subtle shifts in light and the quirky and the unusual!

Maxine has extensive experience teaching communal and private art sessions, helping a diverse range of individuals discover or rekindle their creative spark, enhance their skills, and see the world through new eyes. She currently offers personalized on-site sessions tailored to your needs. Please feel free to reach out with your interests. Additionally, card readings are available.

Maxine’s work aims to tap into a higher source, creating from an intuitive base. Welcome to Visit!

Location map

First floor, Boys’ High,
Worcester Boulevard


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