Canterbury Academy of Dance

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School of Art, Hereford Street

As a professional dance school Canterbury Academy of Dance offers students the opportunity to excel in their dance training in a safe, encouraging and inspiring environment. Small class sizes ensure quality training, with each student receiving personal and tailored feedback during class. At the Canterbury Academy of Dance students are able to gain life-long skills that can be applied to all aspects of life as they continue to grow into confident young adults.

Why Choose Canterbury Academy Of Dance?

  • Small class sizes
  • Personalised instruction
  • Friendly, social, team based atmosphere
  • Handy central location
  • A primary focus on Ballet and Jazz, allowing for more specialised training
  • Two performances each year
  • Qualified, experienced and passionate teachers
  • Good range of classes from preschool up to adults

How Learning Dance Can Benefit Your Child

Think dancing is all about tights and tutus? Then think again! Learning to dance is just as challenging as any sport and takes focus, determination and hard work. The skills learnt during dance class go far beyond the obvious practical application and will have lifelong benefits to your child wherever their path in life takes them. Here are just some of the benefits your child will gain from learning to dance.

  1. Higher standards – Dancers enter society with the ability to maintain high personal standards nurtured through the attention to the detail, presentation skills and focus required during their dance training.
  2. Understanding the value of self-discipline – Learning the value of self-discipline, commitment, time management, perseverance, and work ethic through dance are valuable lessons to all aspects of daily life.
  3. Greater self confidence – As children overcome challenges such as mastering new skills, learning to apply themselves and accomplishing difficult tasks put before them during dance lessons they gain a sense of accomplishment and self confidence in their abilities.
  4. A better appreciation of musicality – Taking music lessons is not the only way to develop an appreciation for the musical arts. Dance teaches children about music, rhythm and beat through methods such as learning to dance in time to music, listening for cues and encourages creative thinking around what music means for movement and choreography.
  5. Well developed muscle co-ordination – Through dance students learn to better coordinate muscles when moving through proper positions, building greater awareness of the way their bodies move and the muscles, ligaments and bones that create the movement.
  6. Improved social skills – Dance is a great way to build invaluable social skills for children of all ages. It is an opportunity to teach your children the importance of being part of something bigger than themselves. Dancers learn to take turns, share attention, apply corrections, and to cooperate with others as they work together within a group.

It is the Canterbury Academy of Dance vision to train and display the finest, strongest, fittest dancers, who exude and radiate their love of dance and life in everything they do.

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School of Art,
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